Elisabeth Leseur: Selected Writings (Classics of Western Spirituality)

Janet K. Ruffing RSM
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Proleptic Priests. We will hold books for 10 days. Advanced Search Links. Born into an observant Jewish Presents writings by women religious from the Roman, Anglican, and Orthodox traditions from the earliest Convert currency. Elisabeth Leseur Edited by Janet K.

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Elisabeth Leseur: Selected Writings by Elisabeth Leseur

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Elisabeth Leseur: Selected Writings

About this title Synopsis: This volume, the first in the highly praised Classics of Western Spirituality series to venture into the 20th century, introduces the writings of Elisabeth Leseur , French laywoman who left a precious record of a remarkable inner spiritual journey that was all but hidden from those who knew her. I felt the living presence of Christ, of God himself, conveying indescribable love.

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This blessed one spoke to me, and the infinite compassion of the Savior passed quickly into me. Never will this action of God be obliterated.

Elisabeth Leseur: Selected Writings

The triumphant Christ, the eternal Word, he who as a human person suffered and loved, the one living God possessed my soul for all eternity in that unforgettable moment. But for Elisabeth, the act of surrender was a prelude to an even greater leap: Abandonment.

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I felt Jesus truly living in me. While the two words surrender and abandonment are closely related in this spiritual context, surrender connotes a quieter, passive acceptance, while abandonment evokes whole-hearted commitment and participation. It seems telling then, that in Sr. Her journey of faith, from intellect to prayerful acceptance to total abandonment, captured so beautifully in her journals, still helps light the path we are all asked to travel.

Ben Syberg is a priest of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. Lawrence in Lawrenceburg , Indiana. He will celebrate his fifth year as a priest this summer. I discovered Elisabeth at a time when I most certainly needed her. Five years into seminary, God sends me this wonderful woman, this treasure trove of inspiration and insight. Several years later, giving a retreat on her life to sixty Catholic woman, I had almost forgotten how much I drew from Elisabeth.

Having then been a priest less than two years, I discovered her once more. I need to discover her more and more. Because she has never failed me. She keeps me on the straight line. The line right down the center.

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Elisabeth Leseur: Selected Writings and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. The Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur: The Woman Whose Goodness Changed Her Husband. Edith Stein: Selected Writings(Classics of Western Spirituality Series) (Classics of Western. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Janet K. Ruffing is a Sister of Mercy and professor of Elisabeth Leseur: Selected Writings (CLASSICS OF WESTERN This volume, the first in the highly praised Classics of Western Spirituality series to.

For there is much that can push me off balance. Take the world for example.

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When the world seems too modern, too mobile, too fast or too enlightened, I remember that Elisabeth lived in the heart of secular France. She is a saint, and yet was born only sixty years after the French Revolution. Who had more reason to give up, and yet more reason to celebrate the patience of God! When I get caught up in my own successes, my gifts and talents, when I feel on top of life and in control, I remember her mountain of writings on suffering and the cross. I remember that she understood what matters.

Elisabeth Leseur : Selected Writings

Yet when I feel overwhelmed by the cross, by illness and weakness, and the pitfalls of life, I remember how joyful Elisabeth was. Even if I get caught up in depression, and scold myself for it, I remember — Elisabeth felt that sadness in life too. She knew that deeper emptiness.

When I think I have no time for family, I remember all the love she showered onto her nieces and nephews. Family was always at her center.

When I look around our country and our culture, and I want to cuts all ties from it and run away, I remember that Elisabeth loved her homeland. She was French at her core. So I can too!


Yes Elisabeth always puts me on the narrow path. One that is rarely taken, but right in front of me. I thank God she still shows me the way. I believe it is by the writer Edmondo de Amicis. He tells the following story:. One morning at home, a man receives a visit from joy.