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Goodnight Buffy: Loving a Lakeland Terrier
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Spike tries to rally her spirits by describing that he's seen all of her, the good and the bad, but he still stands by her. Buffy asks Spike to spend the night. Initially misunderstanding her meaning, he moves toward a large chair, but Buffy requests he spend the night holding her. Faith and Wood engage in a one-night stand.

In the first lesbian sex scene ever on American network TV, Willow and Kennedy have sex for the first time, [1] and Xander and Anya rekindle their sexual relationship. The next morning, Faith gives out her orders. She sends Dawn, Xander, Willow and Anya to go and find Buffy, while she and the Potentials launch a preemptive strike on the First's armory, which turns out to be a trap.

Buffy regains her will to fight and brawls with Caleb, evading nearly all of his offensive moves; in the end, she dives into a floor panel in the winery and finds a powerful battle axe that appears to have been hidden there.

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The episode ends with Kennedy finding a box, which Faith opens and reveals that it's a bomb ready to detonate with only 8 seconds left. Faith yells for everyone to get down and the screen goes black.

Buffy finds an ancient scythe, proving her prediction that Caleb was guarding something at the vineyard in " Empty Places ". Sign in. Xander Harris : Time for the Spring poking already? Buffy Summers : Just making sure there are no more evil trio cameras.

go to link Xander Harris : The sinister, yet addictive card game? Warren Meers : Say good night, bitch.

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Buffy Summers : "Good night, bitch. Buffy Summers : Hi!

Is this your bank? Warren Meers : I was wondering when Super Bitch would show up.

Goodnight Buffy: Loving a Lakeland Terrier

Buffy Summers : You really got a problem with strong women, don't ya? You will laugh out loud, cry softly and fondly remember her story long after reading it.

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It is a light-hearted look at her life, covering her early days and continuing until her eventual death. Found in a shop doorway, Buffy had a traumatic beginning. The young girl who found her and took her in died of cancer, and so Buffy came to Thomasina, and was loved and cared for until her death. She was infuriating and inspiring, funny and cunning, from being smart enough to use her surgical collar as a scoop, to learning to use a 'boo!

Thomasina's own failing health meant that sometimes they were ill together; Buffy taught her to fight back and gave her a reason to carry on. A rare cancer was found in Buffy's leg when she was already suffering from a slipped disc. To save Buffy, they had to save her leg.

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The Animal Health Trust in Suffolk helped Buffy survive with some international help, but she took the record for recovery time. So many people loved Buffy; she touched so many lives. Buffy went on to live for many years and became an astonishing and astute dog.


She gave the Price family so much joy and love, her passing left an unbearable void in their lives. This story records her passing and Thomasina's anguish at the time. She decided to share her story because there could only be one Buffy; the Price family know they will never find another dog like her again.