How You Can Publish Your Own Kindle Book: A Beginners Guide to Becoming a Kindle Author

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A Tax Cheat Sheet for Kindle eBook Self-Publishing

Javascript: What are true private methods in JavaScript? What is the drawback? Javascript: Methods to empty an array in Javascript. This is critical for anyone serious about making Kindle work for them. Do a search for your book. I recommend adding a photo and a biography about yourself. The biography will be added to your actual book sales page and helps people browsing books get to know a little more about you. Most people who sell Kindle books skip this step. Admittedly, marketing Amazon books is not easy. Other than writing the actual book yourself, this will probably be the next hardest part.

Some tips to get the ball rolling…. Leave a link back to your book so people can grab it. Purchase your own book. If you purchase it yourself you can actually make sure it looks ok on all of your Kindle reading devices. It also registers as a sale in Amazon and begins your boost in seller ranking. This does a couple things… It registers each gift as a sale and helps move you up the rankings.

It also prompts people to start leaving reviews. Reviews help make sales. If you have a mailing list, mail that list about the book. If you have a blog, write a blog post about the book. All these things are ways to get the first initial boost in sales so that Amazon notices you and helps move you in to a postion where sales happen naturally. Once your book starts to sell and people start to give you their email on the opt-in page, make sure to mail that list and ask them to leave reviews for you.

The more reviews you have, the more important Amazon tends to think your book is. I actually did follow some great other resources that helped me along the way. This post was written after I had a little more time to really experiment with Amazon and learn the ropes even more. See what advice I have two years after publishing my book. When I saw that he had a book about how he did it, I had to grab it. It had some really great advice as well. Clickfunnels — For creating the lead capture page to send people to when the book is live. Phew… That was a marathon blog post.

If you enjoyed this post, share it on Facebook, bookmark it, like it, etc… I really put a lot into this one and I really hope that you got something out of it. People use to make it sound as if publishing on kindle is a rocket science expecially the formating part. Did you upload the book to kindle on a doc format or is there any other way you have to convert it to before uploading?

Will you select the number of countries that can buy your book like i told you that when you sent me the link for the free copy, i was told that my country Nig is not among the countries that can purchase it before you now sent me the pdf format. How much will i buy the book in other to give it out and how do i go about that? Please there was an email i sent to two of your emails yestaday, i mean your gmail and the other one, i will appreciate it if you can check it out and maybe give me a reply.

I uploaded the book in. I always select Worldwide. You can gift it through Amazon though…. I understand. I appreciate the support! Congratulations on your success! Selling copies is pretty amazing for one day. It definitely shows the potential and proof of having an audience and a platform like Amazon to work with.

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I have been using OpenOffice for a while but recently have taken a liking to Google Docs. Also, the eCover makes a world of difference! Even people that already subscribed joined again because of the new cover! I am definitely sharing this post and I will know where to find it when I decide to actually put some time into writing long form content.

Thanks Gabe.

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With Kindle publishing, you can self-publish your book on Amazon and start making money within 24 hours. This massive, how-to KDP guide will show you how. your book to be a hit, if you want it to make real money, you can't simply . Now, if you're tempted to design your own cover, I have one word of. Self-publishing an ebook is easier than ever. But doing it Independent writers are choosing their own paths to success The process could take months or years — assuming you were able to get on that merry-go-round at all. He also cites the release of Amazon's Kindle 3 in as a turning point.

I love Google Docs as well. I just use it for other stuff. OpenOffice seems to work best for me for formatting specifically for Kindle though. The cover is huge. I receive money through direct deposit. Thanks for the graat resource! I just published my first and will soon launch my second — with greater success thanks to your tips. Awesome Bill. Congrats on getting going. Feel free to mention your book in our Kindle group. You may get some feedback and extra reviews out of it. Super excited for ya and this just really gets my juices flowing. Thanks Brenda.

I think it took me 3 or 4 days to write this post. I wanted to make sure I included as much as possible. Very detailed post with lots of great information. As far as creating a book cover, there is available a free creator called Logo Creator which is excellent. It will then take you to the download page for the software. This will produce all kinds of things for graphics — headers, page covers, pictures, etc.

Again, thanks for this valuable information!! My gosh Matt, I have no children but to give birth to a book and then watch it grow to Number One must be like having your son or daughter grow up to be President. I can only imagine the pride. That being said, this post is a Mini Book in itself.

How to Self-Publish Your First Book: Step-by-step tutorial for beginners

I have 3 pages of notes just from 3 readings of it. Thanks so much David. This writing is great, however not all of us are publishing a book as you are. Especilly a new or intermediate person. Maybe I lost something in the interpertation. To be honest, this post may not be for everyone.

Thanks Joe. I love the publishing model. Obviously you and I have had several calls on the topic. Welcome to the Blog. It is good to see you here. Matt works in a number of areas and generally responds to those topics we ask him to cover. This area of Kindle Publishing as you say, may not be interesting to all but again it is only one post out of dozens of others. This is so valuable. This information is coming just at the perfect time for my newest book.

One I have just had the idea for today! I only wish I had known all these tips when I first wrote my first book: Ahead of the Curve, an intimate conversation with women in the second fifty years of life. Thanks Bonnie. Good luck with your newest book! Keep us in the loop on your progress as well! Thank you Matt! Such a great post and exactly what I needed to get my book finished and published. I really appreciate you sharing and putting the time in to compiling this. Awesome — thanks!! Hey Matt, thanks for the great post! I was one of the who bought your book.

Thanks so much for the support Carolyn! Hey Joy. I may actually do that. I was planning on putting together a book on my experience with Kindle Publishing. This will be a good starting point for me to build off of. Amazingly detailed post. As David commented above, this post could almost be a short book in itself. I probably know at least a little better than most just how busy you are and how many plates you keep simultaneously spinning on their sticks.

A HUGE congrats on the success of your book so far!! Any rough stats on the conversion rate so far? Good luck keeping up with all the comments that are most likely about to come flooding in here! Hey Jeff. I have a passion for writing and creating content though. Despite all that I have going on, I still somehow manage to find time to squeeze in writing here and there. The trick is getting people from the book to the opt-in page.

Matt, you are one of those rare people that just provide so much awesome information. I also love when you set a goal and achieve it! You decide, ok, I am going to explore this avenue of making money and you get it done! Absolutely invaluable. I am going to completely retweak my kindle books based on the advice you gave. You rock brother! Hi Susanne. I usually answer all questions on my blog posts. I do try though. You can definitely add images in to your. You have a vibrant, busy blog and I have made sure I keep getting your new posts. I appreciate your open style of communicating. All the success to your new book.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Matt may not have time to answer many questions here. But the short answer to what it costs…. One of the ways people get traffic is by commenting on other blogs. Using a real name makes people believe you are a real person and not a bot. Just joined your group Matt, Thanks for this one of a kind post. Please do you have any idea of this tool called Kinstant Formatter? Hey Theodore. I actually bought Kinstant Formatter and did not like it. I found it much easier to format my books using the method explained in this post than I did using Kinstant.

In fact, it actually kept messing up my formatting when I was testing it…. Your results may vary though. I may do more testing in the future. OpenOffice does the trick for me though. Great post Matt, I have been working on publishing my own book as well Still a WIP and the information you have given here is absolutely brilliant. Thanks Nathan! Glad you enjoyed it.

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Please one more thing i need to know is if there is a particular size in pixels that the book cover should be. I thought publishing on Kindle was very easy since a few friends have done it already but it surely seems like you need a very detailed checklist for doing things right! Thanks for the awesome breakdown and this is definitely going to be a come-back post before publishing for the first time on Kindle.

It IS easy to publish books. I did get a comment about this from him over at the support desk and sent him over here. He was asking if you can email a soft copy. A few more days and we should be set. I just saw where India just opened up for Kindle sales…last count, as I recall, means about 1,,, just came online as potential customers. Maybe something on Yoga or Indian Cooking…. I got your emails. No worries about not leaving a review. Hi Matt, great post and some valuable tips, thanks. I wonder whether you used a guide to creating a book for kindle.

I bought one some time ago but although I followed all the instructions my book look rubbish on kindle! Anyway, would be good to know if you used a guide.

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Shaw is an excellent learning resource for the beginning Python programmer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This eBook contains some of the most empowering and popular stories from our open source community. Whether you are an experienced developer or a novice, learning to work with Version Control Systems is a must in the software development world. Import your own files.

The links above look like they are more about marketing the finished product. I am interested in the steps to create the product. Open Office just seemed to work the best for me after trying a couple other word processors. Other than that, I did use the guides that I mentioned in the post… Those helped a bit too. Massively great post — I am now wading through your links. You have so helped me get into the marketing process. Thanks heaps! I think you should… Check out my latest blog post coming later today to find out more about why I love this model.

Thanks a million Matt for this post. I have been working on an ebook that I had planned to self publish and post on my site for sale. I have been working over the past few days on formatting the document to make it look the best I can inside and out.