Only When I Stop

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Why am I so damn lazy? And how do I stop being lazy for good?

SMH this just one testimony of many. Why did the white police officer believe what White woman over black woman statement. Why did he felt that the white woman was fearful of her life when the black woman have neuropathy in her legs, arms , feet and legs. Also the black woman has C-2 thru C-8 slip disc in her neck and S1 and L1 slip disc in her lower back with a torn ligament in left shoulder and walking with a cane and is a chronic asthmatic.

The black Women just recover from ovarian cancer 3 years ago.

When Do I Stop Paying Social Security Tax?

But when the black woman was trying to tell the white officer that all he could say is the white woman is fearful for her life. The entire time the white office was talking to the black woman he just kept saying she can presue this and it will be a A misdemeanor with a year in jail. Once I stood up to knock on the white lady door to ask could she please have her children to stop running over my head the white lady slam the door in the black lady face. Even when the police office can to the black lady he seen her with her PJ on and slippers, so with slippers a person could force their way into a person house who have all this illness.

Now the black lady is trying to prove her innocence. The Officer never to the incident report to the management office until today the management office does not have the incident report.

The black lady went to tell the management office and yet the community office did not take any report. The black lady never been convicted of Andy crime. Before the officer left he handed the black lady a notebook paper with his name a long number the police address and telephone number. I guess since the woman is black she is automatically should know what that mean. Thank you for hearing my story. Hopefully you might want to share. Virginia is a racist state. May God Help me. Name required.

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This predatory industry wants to literally stand in between the incarcerated and their families by replacing human contact with computer chats. The U. Where are they locked up and why?

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The Only Way to STOP Craving Junk Food (diet / body / health – Q&A)

Prison gerrymandering campaign? Support us Can you make a tax-deductible gift to support our work? Police stops are still marred by racial discrimination, new data shows. So why does Trump continue to endorse stop-and-frisk? The report reveals: Black residents were more likely to be stopped by police than white or Hispanic residents, both in traffic stops and street stops.

Black and Hispanic residents were also more likely to have multiple contacts with police than white residents, especially in the contexts of traffic and street stops. More than 1 in 6 Black residents who were pulled over in a traffic stop or stopped on the street had similar interactions with police multiple times over the course of the year.

When police initiated an interaction, they were twice as likely to threaten or use force against Black and Hispanic residents than white residents. These racial disparities in policing have predictable effects on public trust of the police: There were marked racial differences in perceptions of police behavior and legitimacy of police stops. Less than half of Black and Hispanic residents stopped on the street by police thought the stop was legitimate, while two-thirds of white residents did.

How to stop being lazy: 6 important behaviors

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