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I love watching Baybay's enthusiasm when she is with Mr. She is a romantic and believes in the power of love to save her. It is a sad and funny moment full of the contradictions of life and the complexity of human feelings and desires. I wrote the play over a period of about a year while I was working on other projects.

I'm always working on other projects.

I've written novels, a graphic novel and a few years ago I found a new artistic expression in making paintings and artists books. Being by nature a curious person I find inspiration in everday life, traveling, reading, engaging in conversations with all kinds of people even if it means sometimes stepping outside of my comfort zone to learn something new. I was born in Georgia and have lived in many places around the world sometimes being in situations outside my comfort zone inspired me to ask lots of questions, assume less and listen more.

Talking Bones is a play about people trying to create family and preserve their history and culture by feeding people knowledge to strengthen them, to arm them with the tools to live a full life.

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In the end it's all about love. Shay Youngblood is an award-winning and widely celebrated artist.

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As a child, Shay Youngblood had a recurring dream of living in a library, which serves as the basis for the setting of this play. Orphaned in her youth, Youngblood is often noted as saying that she was raised by a community family who inspired her to be an independent spirit. Within Talking Bones, we find remnants of Youngblood's life experiences expressed through plot and characterization.

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A poet, playwright, fiction writer, and now visual artist, Miss Youngblood uses her fascination with the written word to create both humorous and human characters who reflect the best and worst in us all. Below, you will find a brief interview between Kamesha Jackson dramaturg the amazingly talented Miss Shay Youngblood playwright.

KJ: You are obviously an artist whose interests are rather diverse. With this in mind, what brought you to the theatre? I was moved to write the stories based on my growing up in a family of women in the 's.

follow site By that time most of the women had passed on. By the time I finished what I thought was the last story in the collection I had created a world of characters and gone back to place of my birth. I didn't want to let the women go and in a flash of inspiration I decided to write a play as a way of bringing them back to life. A play would let them live on stage. I also love the communal nature of theater.

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Working on stories and novels I have to do it alone, in a rather self imposed exile in isolation day after day. Writing a play I do alone but after I complete a working draft I take it to a theater and get to work with a dramaturg, a director, actors, set, light and costume designers and crew to bring the words to life.

Although I have a clear vision of the work, I think of creating a play as working a kind of gumbo everybody adds something to the mix and in the end the work if new and fresh each time. Part of my process involves having readings of the play to see if the words work in the mouths of actors, having the ear of a dramaturg to make sure I'm on point with historical details, continuity and clarity, and having a director who understands the work guide actors to find their place in the work and each adds something of themself to the mix and sometimes lines are added and much is cut away in the development process.

By the time the work is in full production it has had the benefit of a community of artists and by the time it is published and goes into the world without I can only hope it stands on its own. I am surprised and pleased that over 15 years later my first two plays are still being regularly produced around the country. For example, in Talking Bones we find dance, theatre, literature and media assuming equally important roles. In light of this observation, what do you perceive as the significance of the amalgamation of these different genres reflected in your theatrical work? Do you differentiate between the artistic forms?

My inspiration for my work comes from life itself which is not just dialogue but movement, sound, etc. After the success of Shaking the Mess out of Misery suddenly I was defined as a playwright. I decided to go to graduate school to get an MFA in Playwriting because I wanted to learn the craft of playwriting.

Some of the mix of forms were at first a way for me to try to capture the fullness of my experience of life. I continue to mix form and experiment with genre.

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Talking Bones. By Shay Youngblood. Product Code: T Full-length Play; Cast size: 2m., 3w. Awards: Lorraine Hansberry Award. Rights and availability. TALKING BONES. A Play by. SHAY YOUNGBLOOD. Dramatic Publishing paid every time a play is perfonned whether or not it is presented for profit.

After writing a few plays and at the end of Graduate school I decided to write my first novel Soul Kiss a coming of age story. I have recipes and poems other languages in the mix. KJ: Talking Bones is a text filled with imagery, metaphor and poetic language. I am most intrigued by the setting of the play in a bookstore, which seems to serve as a gateway to our ancestral pasts. How do you see imagery and metaphor functioning within this particular work? But, there are consequences to everything. They know his threat exists. In a way, all of our people have their own version of PTSD. Pelant is always going to be hanging over their heads, in all of the episodes, but he comes back, in earnest.

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He will probably make two more. We have Mary Murphy and Tyce Diorio in it. Our undercover episodes are gifts to the hardcore fans, where we all get goofy.

We just have a good time, David and Emily love doing them. I watched David Boreanaz learn how to rumba in five minutes. But, we definitely do want to add another face on the show. How far towards the end of the season are you guys? We knew the end of the season as we came in, but everything changes as you work through the season.

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