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Her life has never been defined by a sense of glorious destiny but rather by a compulsion to even the score, any score, many scores. The equanimity with which the young Mathilde inflicts physical pain on her peers is chilling.

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She wanted to suck them. His understanding of his life with Mathilde, it turns out, is very similar to the marriage outsiders see, the public view.

He has little impulse to dive much deeper than that. His trusting nature and unchallenged narcissism make him remarkably incurious, a man who questions neither the good fortune that has befallen him nor much of what his wife chooses to assert. Almost nothing is as it has seemed. This is true to so great an extent that the discrepancy between their stories bears little relationship to the common observation that every marriage has two sides. She presents two critically different sets of events. The disclosure of multiple secrets can have the effect of thinning a story, an abundance of answers overpowering all mystery, but Groff somehow manages to transform revelation into an agent of intricacy. As we know more, we know less — a rare and impressive result. Nor do they have much to do with the nature of marriage. The problem was that we didn't know how to think about the forces that created all that you see and the mind that you see it with.

To make matters worse, there was a conspiracy , of sorts, blocking us from thinking clearly about these issues. We live in a complex world and each of us wonders what the future might hold, and how we might alter that future to match our dreams. There have been individuals who have claimed to see into the future.

The wealthy guest has a plan to change destiny

And there have been individuals whose lives have been filled with sequences of events that could only be called destiny. There have even been a few people who believed they could, using one form of magic or another, summon up the forces of destiny and make the fates work for them. Some scientists dismiss these people as crazies. But there are many others who have had their own brushes with destiny and don't take the matter lightly at all.

Destiny implies control. Control over the behavior of individuals as well as populations of individuals. The Greek's story of the Three Sisters has surprising similarities to the networks of controls that influence all living creatures.

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Layers upon layers of controls delineate the destined actions of a herd of elephants or a culture of blue-green algae. Or a whole ecosystem like a coral reef. These nested webs of controls assure that, in the end, the development of every minute detail of every individual creature will assume the proper form and function for its environment - even if the creature is a complex atoll 60 kilometers in diameter and millions of years old.

This is what the science of ecology is all about. All biologists recognize the vast network of interactions that weave plant and animal behavior into the patterns of life. What is difficult to understand, and is not so readily accepted, is how this principle results in such fineness of detail as to enable a single human to perceive an event in the future as if it was a frame from a movie; an episode previously unimagined by the human; an episode which cannot be avoided.

By definition, life is non-random but how can the Moirae weave the tapestry with such precision that I will be directed through a series of impossible coincidences in the voyage from Florida to the Solomon Islands? We have enough experimental evidence to say that life does, somehow, do this.

The Fate of Destiny (Fates #1)

Within the model of existence found in the voyage of the research vessel Moira, the explanation is not hard to imagine. For at each level of awareness, the behavioral complexities and selections leap to new plateaus of potential.

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The Fate of Destiny (Fates Book 1) - Kindle edition by Danielle Bourdon. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features. The Fate of Destiny book. Read 33 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Up until three days before her eighteenth birthday, Farris Land.

In the language mind of Man we achieve a level of control beyond the ability of any one human to imagine. This language system is the consciousness of our planet-sun.

The Fate of Destiny

But there is more to awareness than consciousness. There is a vast ocean of awareness; a magic sea beyond the horizons of conscious perception.

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A sea which surrounds us and carries us in currents and eddies we can only know in brief moments when our own awareness filters down into their depths, like a diver trying to see in a sea lit by phosphorescence, with a desperate ache to return to the surface to breathe again. As the diver knows there is a wealth of awareness within that dark sea, so we know the deeper layers of awareness exist for each of us and for all of us together. We may not be able to control them, but we can detect them through their impact on our existence.

We are on one side of the tapestry of the Moirae, but there is another side. And more, there is the phenomenon of the tapestry itself. The Moirae exist and grow stronger and smarter with each moment of existence, with each new thread of awareness woven into the tapestry of life. I offer you an opportunity, now, to learn about these forces - how to percieve them, understand them, and perhaps control them.

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To Be is the process of spinning the thread of awareness by Moira clotho. To Change is the process of segmenting the continuous thread by Moira lachesis, measuring being the essence of dividing the continuum into recognizable parts. To Have Direction is the change in change, it is that which remains after Moira atropos cuts the thread of awareness, that which we learn as individuals, that which we evolve into as species.