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A friend of mine raised a pig this summer, and they slaughtered it. Sketches of Hollywood actors are not complete without bitesize nuggets of information, so please enjoy a few factoids about Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal. He is not dating anyone right now. Asked what his house is like, he insists on replying, "It is a world of icebergs," so do with that what you will.

Working years ago as a lifeguard, he once was compelled to aid someone who'd been stung by a jellyfish by, yes, pissing on the victim. He learned to play chess on the set of Jarhead and describes both Jamie Foxx and Peter Sarsgaard as "phenomenal. And when pressed to sum up his life until now, he makes the bold claim that he was "a boy who always wanted to be a professional basketball player and ended up in a sad Hollywood career.

That's hard to answer. Know why" Then he leans in and goes deadly serious. I'll get back to you in ten years— with a book! As agile as he is in conversation, Gyllenhaal is also surprisingly nuanced between the lines, a skill most actors develop later in their careers.

The two Jakes

The real emotion in Brokeback Mountain poured out in the long, desperate pauses, not in the dialogue. So I run a rough theory past him—that maybe he is practicing a kind of transmogrified Harold Pinter, whose meanings always hide between the words. Jake bursts into laughter. But the ellipses—"here, he pauses to really attack the next phrase—"I would destroy! Like so many movie actors many of whom, granted, just mouth the words to retain their credibility , he wants to keep a lifeline to his stage work.

I love the marathon aspect of a play. Reexively, I ask if he ever wants to try Shakespeare.

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And he is a disciplinarian in terms of how he sees a film. It's a truism that different directors employ different techniques to catch the right moments—the best sprints—from their actors.

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Where David Fincher offered structure, the director of Brokeback Mountain went another way. He was using that to communicate very simply, to get from us what we were feeling at that moment.

"Suck it!!!" Favorite scene from the neo-noir classic "The Two Jakes".

A lot of actors force themselves, believing 'If the writer says something, I should be feeling it. Robert Downey Jr. Though Downey Jr. It's a bit like doing a film with Oliver Stone. Five years later, you're still digging into it. It's a trial. One thing Downey Jr. He's clear. But he's also a total badass. He and Steve McQueen would have gotten along amazingly. Guys who will do anything, anywhere. A lot of people think actors are pussies. That isn't the case. He's nice, all right, but he's also wet, dark, and wild. That combination of adjectives isn't out of keeping when one describes an actor, but they also edge toward another Hollywood personality type—that of the director.

Given Gyllenhaal's upbringing, I can't resist asking him the hackneyed question Doesn't he someday want to direct. Whether it's a result of living in Hollywood or not, Jake has perfect pitch when it comes to questions like this; he's attentive enough to know where you're headed, and sharp enough, usually, to have answered the question in his own head long in advance.

But I always ache to collaborate—because that's how my family has always worked. Like someone who, say, grows up in France and speaks French, I understand it.

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Maybe I can't yet write a novel in French, can't yet make my own movie, but my life has given me a step up. This is a language I grew up with. He is not exaggerating. From a very young age, Jake was looking at scripts, watching his parents work, and he came to understand "how it all moved. Things like sitting in on rehearsals with River Phoenix and Martha Plimpton when I was that age—that was cool. I guess I was first exposed to the process when I was, what, 8". The waiter arrives at our cabana and wants to steal away with Jake's plate, but he's not giving that up.

Gyllenhaals don't take food lightly, and even that primal urge is inextricably tangled up with the family business. Everything else gets done… Though she does make a great banana bread.

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The Two Jakes is a American neo-noir mystery film, and the sequel to the film Chinatown. Directed by and starring Jack Nicholson, it also features. Jack Nicholson in The Two Jakes () Harvey Keitel and Jack Nicholson in The Two Jakes () Jack Nicholson and Susan Forristal in The Two Jakes.

Tom Holland Braces For Impact. By Zach Baron.

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Careening around in a rental car is not an appropriate way to mull it over. Trailers and Videos. Add to Wishlist. It disregarded what was already set in the first film, the writing is just atrocious because the story was extremely hard to follow until in the middle where you can literally piece everythung together easily, the pacing was either too slow or too…. Yet the relationship between the two Jakes never comes into focus.

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The war has come and gone ; Los Angeles teems with optimism and fast bucks. But there's one thing Jake knows hasn't changed: "Nine times out of ten, if you follow the money you will get to the truth. Featurette: Jack on Jakes, Theatrical Trailer. Subtitles: English Closed Captioned. Specifications Movie Genre Drama.

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